Preauthorization Code Registration

If you have an agency preauthorization code, you can access the 28 CFR Part 23 training after completing the registration form. To access the form, enter the preauthorization code in the field below and select “Submit.”

A preauthorization code is provided by a representative within your agency or organization who has been designated to serve as a preauthorization code agent. If you have been provided a preauthorization code from your agency, please enter the code in the field above.

An agency’s assigned preauthorization code cannot be requested through this website or by email. However, you may submit a request to learn if your agency or organization has been assigned a preauthorization code by using the Contact Us form.

Note to agencies: New preauthorization codes are no longer being issued at this time. If the designated representative for your agency or organization is no longer in this position, please submit a request using the Contact Us form to reassign the preauthorization agent role to an appropriate representative. A form will be provided by email that will need to be completed and signed by your agency lead or designee to authorize the change.