Terms Defined in 28 CFR Part 23

Criminal intelligence system (§ 23.3(b)(1)) means the arrangements, equipment, facilities, and procedures used for the receipt, storage, interagency exchange or dissemination, and analysis of criminal intelligence information.

Criminal intelligence information (§ 23.3(b)(3)) means data that has been evaluated to determine that it (1) is relevant to the identification of and the criminal activity engaged in by an individual who or an organization which is reasonably suspected of involvement in criminal activity and (2) meets criminal intelligence system submission criteria.

Intelligence project or project (§ 23.3(b)(5)) means the organizational unit that operates an intelligence system on behalf of and for the benefit of a single agency or the organization that operates an interjurisdictional intelligence system on behalf of a group of participating agencies. Interjurisdictional intelligence system (§ 23.3(b)(2)) means an intelligence system that involves two or more participating agencies representing different governmental units or jurisdictions.

Participating agency (§ 23.3(b)(4)) means an agency or local, county, state, federal, or other governmental unit that exercises law enforcement or criminal investigation authority and that is authorized to submit and receive criminal intelligence information through an interjurisdictional intelligence system. A participating agency may be a member or nonmember of an interjurisdictional intelligence system.

Validation of information (§ 23.3 (b)(6)) means the procedures governing the periodic review of criminal intelligence information to assure its continuing compliance with system submission criteria established by regulation or program policy.

Reasonable suspicion or criminal predicate (§ 23.20(c)) is established when information exists which establishes sufficient facts to give a trained law enforcement or criminal investigative agency officer, investigator, or employee a basis to believe that there is a reasonable possibility that an individual or organization is involved in definable criminal activity or enterprise.